My name is Seth Ingersoll. I’m originally from North Carolina, but I moved up here to the Twin Cities in 2009. I’m Pastor of Community Connection and Outreach at SafeHouse Church in Minneapolis. My primary interest is in that deep gap that’s formed for many of us between God, life, and the church. My deepest hope is to help passionate, thoughtful people create powerful safe spaces for people to love one another, live life as a community, doubt well, challenge our apathies and obstacles, and seek God with verve and curiosity.

On this blog, you’ll get a lot of posts about church planting — SafeHouse is an experiment in doing church in a new way, trying to bring together our currently embattled faith traditions by learning from the wisest impulses from each. So you’ll get some posts on the status of SafeHouse as we try to bring her together with the help of our community. You’ll get posts on trying to practice progressive theology, open to the spiritual and theological insights of many streams of faith — mainline and emerging, feminist and LGBT, liberation and process, evangelical and Catholic, and as often as is possible, from the other religious communities that partner with our own. You’ll also get posts about LGBT community and faith issues, as they come up. I feel it’s helpful to work out the things that are happening with one another; and as a gay pastor who comes from a Christian tradition where such a thing simply isn’t possible, I hope to model some of that conversation as it’s been modeled for me! Further, I’d like to introduce people, on occasion, to the stream of theology that has most shaped (and preserved) my faith — LGBT liberation theology, which has shown its incredible vitality by being global and conversational with almost all faith traditions nearly as quickly as it began.

Finally, it’s entirely possible I’ll write completely inconsequential posts about coffee, fencing, science fiction. We’ll all just have to get through those together.

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